What image size to chose for the carousels (Video)

There are several areas within the theme that allow for uploading images that – in our preview – are shown as circles.

You will find two options on how to display the featured image: “Circle” and “Deafult”


This will put your image within a Circle. There are however, no parts “sticking out”. Go to our preview and scroll to the last item on the homepage – that one uses the “Circle” mode.

Size for images: best isĀ 400×400 px (save as .jpeg to save bandwidth)


This mode takes the image “as it is” and displays it on the page. However, since the theme resizes the images in the carousel, images using “default” need to have a certain size. In order to get the transparent areas, save your image as .png.
Size for images:

Homepage Items & Clients: 400×463 px
Team members: 210×243 px
Areas of Work items: 300×347 px


Video Explanation

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