Setting up the theme (Video)

On The Firm’s homepage you can display your pages. So first, let’s create them! Navigate to WP Admin -> Pages -> Add New

To set the thumbnail for the page, click on the Set featured image in the bottom right part of the page and select your thumbnail (you can select any resolution, The Firm is auto resizing and cropping images).

Right below the Set featured image meta box you should see a custom meta box created by The Firm called “Firm Theme Page Options*. The fields there will be displayed in a homepage box. So enter the subtitle and description of the page.

Once you are done hit save. Now let’s tell the wordpress to display this page on homepage. Navigate to Appearance -> The Firm Theme OptionsĀ  and in the field “Homepage Pages” enter the ID of the page you would like to use ( how to find wordpress page ID ). Once you are done hit save and your page should appear on homepage!

How to select the order of the pages on homepage: While writing a new page in meta box Page Attributes, there is Order input field. You should give a number to every page there. Pages on homepage are ordered using those nubmers, from lowest to highest.


*if you dont see it, click on the “Screen Options” in the top right corner and make sure that “Firm Theme Page Options” is checked.

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