Setting up the theme


Lets get started! First of all, go to the theme’s configuration panel. After the theme activation, you will notice there is a new point called “Construct” beneith “Appearance” (Where you just activated the theme).
This is where all of the themes settings come together and are managed. You’ll notice 2 points.

  1. Theme Configuration
  2. Help & Support

1) Theme Configuration

The first point, Theme Configuration, lets you, you might have guessed rightly, configure the theme’s settings. We have plenty of them, but all are pretty self explanatory.

2) Help & Support

The second point, Help & Support contains this help file. You don’t have to worry if you log on from another computer. You can always read this documentation in your WordPress backend.

Install Dummy Content

  • Click Tools > Import
  • Click on WordPress
  • Install the Importer by clicking “Install Now” and then “Activate Plugin & Run Importer”
  • Upload the xml file called “constructxml.wordpress.2013-10-21.xml”, that you can find in the main folder.
  • Now assign your posts to an existing user, check the “Download and import file attachments” checkbox and click “Submit”.

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