Setting up the site

1. Activate the theme

After activating the theme a message will appear on top asking you to install and activate certain plugins. Make sure you follow the procedure in order for NewsBook to properly work. The Jetpack plugin and Contact Form 7 plugin are required to run the theme!

In order to install some demo content, simply go to “Tools-Import” and import the XML (democontent.xml) file we provided in the download file. It will populate your site with the content from  our preview site.

2. Activate infinte scroll

After you installed the Jetpack Plugin you need to activate the “infinte scroll” feature to make the homepage work.

  1. Click on “Jetpack” in your backend
  2. Click on the button “See the 27 Jetpack plugins”
  3. Search for “infinite scroll” and activate it




3. Set up the menu

The menu items will already be in place, however you have to tell the theme the menu location to make it work properly. Go to Apperance – Menus and scroll down. Mark the box that says “Main Menu (Top)”. Click on save. Next thing you want to do is to set up the push (setting up the push menu) and big dropdown menu (setting up the big dropdown menu). These menus work with Sidebars so we can’t export them for you. However the instrcutions should be very clear and we even included  Videos 🙂

4. Enable latest posts lists

  1. Go to “NewsBook – Settings”, scroll down and turn “Enable latest posts in header” and “Enable latest posts on Mainpage” to “yes”
  2. From “Chose posts for latest posts lists” chose some categories.
  3. Save
  4. Change colors from the categories (optional)


If you already have content

The frontpage will automatically display your posts. If you were using another theme before it can happen that the thumbnails in your theme are cropped weird and the site seems broken. This is a common issue that is easy to resolve. Just use this plugin which will regenerate all thumbnials to the new theme:

If you want to use a front page with visual composer plugins or any other content rtaher than the infitniy scroll site, simply create ypur homepage and the go to “Setting – Reading”. Here activate “A static page” and chose your page as homepage.

The main settings can be edited in the backend by going to “NewsBook-Settings”. Here you can change your logo, add a retina ready logo and make changes to the menu.