Setting up the menu (Video)

You can create a menu for 8W as you would do for any other theme. Go to “Appereance-Menus” and drag and drop the sites you want into the menu area. If you can not find a specific page make sure to check if the box that contains the site is displayed: On the top right of the page – click “Screen Options” and then check all areas you want to display.

IMPORTANT: You have to tell WordPress that this is the menu you want to use as primary menu! Scroll to the bottom of the page and check “Theme location – Primary Menu”

How to use the mega menu

8W features a mega menu. Setting it up is quite easy. First you want to upload an image to use as a background for the mega menu. The image should be small to make the menu work properly. Keep in mind that the image will always be right aligned! Go to “Appereance-Theme Option“ Scroll doen to Mega menu images. Upload your image(s) and save your changes. Name the elements 1,2,3 etc. Now go to “Appereances-Menus“ Click on the arrow at the right of any menu item. You will find the inputfield called “CSS Clases“ (If not, on the top right of the page – click “Screen Options” and then check all areas you want to display, including CSS Classes) in here type the words “mega-menu mega-menu1“ The number after the second “mega-menu“ is the number for the image you uploaded in the theme options. For example if you uploaded three images in the theme options in the mega menu image area, to show the second image as background image write “mega-menu mega-menu2“.


The next step is to create heading for the rows within the mega menu. Create a dummy menu item for this. You can create a dummy menu item by chosing “Links”. Add “#” as “URL” an a name of your choice for “Link Text”. “Links” is not showing as an option? On the top right of the page – click “Screen Options” – check “Links”


Underneath your headings you can now add all the pages, posts etc. you want!


How to change the main menu font size

If you need to modify the site’s main menu font size you would have to modify this css line that’s on styles.css at line 43. You could modify it there, or by adding the css rule to the CSS section of the theme options. This section code overrides any theme default code.

ul#top_main_menu li a { 
    font-size: 13px; 


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