Setting up the menu (Video)

BlogMag comes with an exciting menu and several cool options.


You can use BlogMag and its menu like in any other WordPress theme. Go to “Appearance – Menu” Move your links into the menu field, name the menu and (important!) mark it as the main menu below. Save it and you are done. If you are unfamiliar with how menus work in WordPress take a look at this help file.


BlogMag Specific Options

There are some specific Options for BlogMag. Go to “Appearance – Theme Options” and then click on the “Menu” tab. You will find the option “Navigation open/closed”. this allows you to make the menu appear without the need to click on the hamburger icon. You can also chose the “normal” menu style without the hamburger icon or the “x” icon at all.

There is also an option for the sticky header image just below. When you scroll your page you will notice that the menu and logo will have a background. You can change the color of the background or load a image instead.


Normal Dropdown

If you want to create a submenu in WordPress you just need to move the subitems below the title and that’s it.



The mega menu is quiet easy to set up. First go to your Theme Options again and chose “Menu”. Here you can upload an image to be shown in the mega menu. The image should be small to make the menu work properly. It will always be right aligned!  Name the elements 1,2,3 etc.

Next go to “Appereances-Menus“ Click on the arrow at the right of any menu item. You will find the inputfield called “CSS Clases“ (If not, on the top right of the page – click “Screen Options” and then check all areas you want to display, including CSS Classes) in here type the words “mega-menu mega-menu1“ The number after the second “mega-menu“ is the number for the image you uploaded in the theme options. For example if you uploaded three images in the theme options in the mega menu image area, to show the second image as background image write “mega-menu mega-menu2“.



You can no create heading for the rows within the mega menu. Create a dummy menu item for this. You can create a dummy menu item by chosing “Links”. Add “#” as “URL” an a name of your choice for “Link Text”. “Links” is not showing as an option? On the top right of the page – click “Screen Options” – check “Links”



You can now add all the links you want underneath the headings.

Need more help? Our theme “Maxim” uses the same menu structure – watch here for a detailed instruction:




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