Setting up the homepage

After you installed the theme the frontpage will only show some blog posts. You have to tell WordPress that you want a certain page to be the homepage. First go to “Pages“ and create a new page. Call it “Home“ and chose the template “Home“ from the dropdown to the right. Now go to “Setting – Reading”, mark “A static page” and chose the page you just created as frontpage. Now go to “Appearance-Theme Option“ and then “Homepage“ and chose the desired homepage layout. On the same page you can upload the pictures to the boxes and link them to a desired page.

Create the boxes and the popups

In order to show the boxes on the homepage go to: “Carousel-Add New” in your WordPress backend. Upload a featured image add some text and a title. Below the editor you can see the boxes “Carousel Options” and “Page Options”. If you can’t see the boxes click on “Screen Option” on the top right of the page and activate them. In the boxes you can enter a custom URL to link to or chose the single page layout. If you activate the “Special Page” layout, the content of the site will open in a popup on the homepage.

You can change the basic setting by goin to “Apperance – Theme Options”. Here you can upload you own logo, change colors and add a footer text. Always make sure to save all changes.

Dummy Content

If you want to start with some dummy content simply install our XML file. Go to “Tools-Import” and Click on “WordPress”. Chose the XML provided in the .zip-file you downloaded from ThemeForest and we automatically add some dummy content.


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