Setting up the Big Popup Menu (+Video)

Big Popup Menu

The big popup menu is quiet simple to create. If you want to add sidebar content into this menu, please read the introduction part for the Push Menu above on how to set up the Sidebar and widgets.

  1. Add the item that should contain the Pop up menu.
  2. Click on the little arrow on the right. The menu will open a dropdown area.
  3. Chose Mega Menu “Yes”
  4. Chose “Pop over style” as Menu Style.
  5. Chose the amount of columns you want to have in your pop up menu


Adding Links with a heading like in the preview

  1. Create an empty menu item by creating a Link item with “#” as URL. If you don’t see the Link box on the left, click on “Screen Options” on the top right of the page and activate “Links”.
  2. Place the Link item underneath the item that should contain the dropdown and shift it to the right as you always do with a dropdown.
  3. Now you have to save the menu (!) This is necessary for WordPress to load new style options.
  4. After re-load, click on the little arrow next to the new item. A dropdown area will appear with new options
  5. In the field “Navigation Label” enter a name that will function as the heading. In the demo we have a heading “Post Options”. Chose Show title “Yes”, Start a new Column “Yes” Do not chose a sidebar to display.
  6. No add new item that should appear underneath that title in your menu, making sure it is shifted a bit to the right.
  7. Done. Save an enjoy.


Adding a Sidebar

Same as adding links but this time you need to chose a sidebar to display.



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