Setting up Team, Works and Clients pages (Videos)

Setting up these “portfolio pages“ is really simple. Just create a new page and chose the “team“, “work“ “gallery“ or “client“ template from the dropdown to the right. These pages will be the overview pages of the items and you should add them to the menu of your website to make them accessable. You can create new items for Team, Work and Clients by adding posts to these custom post types in the backend. ATTENTION: Whe creating a gallery item keep in mind that the titel of the page and the text you add to the editor will be also shown. When you want to add images, simply click on the “Add Media“ button above the editor. Now drag and drop your images on the pop up that opens. DO NOT click on “insert in post“! Simply close the pop up (click “x“) and save the page as you would normally would. The images are already “in“ the post, you simply cannot see them in the backend 😉




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