MailChimp setup (Video)

1. Activating Mailchimp

What is Mailchimp?
It’s one of the best and easiest ways to send newsletter campaigns over the internet these days. It’s free to sign up for and very cheap even for bigger campaigns (check out there free plan, which is incredible)

Follow these steps to activate and use Mailchimp.

  1. Go to and create an account
  2. In the Mailchimp backend menu – go to „Account Api Keys & Authorized Apps“
  3. Click on „add a key“ to create an API Key
  4. Copy that key and go back to your WP Backend.
  5. Go to your WordPress backend and to the Theme Configuration Panel and to the Mailchimp Tab.
  6. You can now paste your API Key in the appropriate box and ckeck if then key is correct. Click on save changes and the big part is already done.
  7. Choose a default list from mailchimp in the field below. Check the Mailchimp documentation if you do not know what a mailchimp list is, or how to set one up.


2. Managing the Templates

Now you activated mailchimp. You might want to use the mailchimp email template we provide for your newsletter campaigns. Watch the following video to get an idea on how to use it.

This video is made with our guest list event theme in mind, but the way to set up is the same. If you have problems following the video, shoot us a mail!

3. The Mailchimp Widget

Using Mailchimp means using our custom Mailchimp Widget. Its setup is pretty easy, too. Go to Appearances -> Widgets in the WordPress Admin Panel. You will have to use the Flix Mailchimp Newsletter Widget. Just drag it in one of your sidebars. All you have to set up is a title, if wanted and the desired Mailchimp List.


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