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How to set up mail settings correctly?

This one is a good question. Let me first answer the “why”. On the internet are a lot of spam sites. Sites, that send emails that nobody wants. To prevent spam filters from identifying your emails as spam, you have to configure the theme correctly.

We have provided an interface where you can simply enter all the relevant data. There are 3 choices.

  1. mail()
    This one is the most insecure, but easy way on sending emails from your server to other people. As I said above: spam is a huge problem. And this method is highly used by spam senders. So please only use that if you have no other choice!
  2. sendmail
    Sendmail is way more secure than mail(). But unfortunately, as this one is widely spread too, it is considered as not 100% secure. The mails could often land in spam folders.
  3. smtp
    The best way of sending emails. But the most “complicated”. You need a mail account somewhere, where you get smtp configuration data. That would be the case for google and most of the private hosts.
    Its basically the same way as configuring your local mail box. You need to enter a smtp hostname, a port, check wether ssl is on or not and finally enter your username and password. All these data should be provided by your host. If you don’t know then – don’t as us, ask your host!
    After setting up these settings, you can start sending emails, and the chances of falling in somebodys spam folder is much less high than with the variations above.

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