Setting up the contact page

Make sure you have the free Contact Form 7 plugin installed.


  • After you activated Contact Form 7 go to “Contact” in your backend and click on “Add new” to create a new contact form.
  •  In the box called “Form” you can now create whatever form you want or copy paste the code on this page below to have the same form as we do in the demo.
  • Click on save
  • A shortcode is created – copy that shortcode.
  • Now go to “Pages” and create a new page and chose “Contact” as the page template from the “Page Attributes” box on the right. (not showing? Click on “Screen options” on top right and activate it).
  • Paste the contact form shortcode wherever you want it to appear
  • Add any kind of text you want, like address a small information about your company etc. You can even include videos, maps etc.
  • Now go to “Appearance – Theme Option” and chose the Tab “Contact”. Here you can set up the Google Maps and decide how it should be shown.


Contact Form Code:

<div class=”left”>
<p><label for=”name”>Name<span class=”required”> *</span></label>[text* name id:name]</p>

<p><label for=”name”>Email<span class=”required”> *</span></label>[email* email id:email]</p>

<p><label for=”subject”>Subject</label>[text subject id:subject]</p>

<div class=”right”>
<p><label for=”message”>Message</label>[textarea message id:message]</p>

<p>[submit id:submit “send message”]</p>

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