Extending and modifying the theme

I am pretty sure you want to extend or / and modify the theme’s layout and functionality to fit your needs. Here are a few points, you should remember when modifying any files.

  • Do never modify any css file we deliver (except custom.css)
  • Do never modify any php file we deliver (except myFunctions.php)

Why that? Because of possible updates in the future. We do not give support for custom modified files.

However, all template files (header-*.php, footer.php, comments.php and the files in the templates/ folder) and images can of course be modified. The restrictions are only valid for the bebel folder, and the functions.php

1) Custom CSS

You have several points of adding your custom CSS.

  1. Put the code in the Theme Configuration Panel
  2. Put the code in the custom.css inside the css folder
  3. Add CSS to every page where you need it.
1. Theme Configuration Panel

Simply write the css code inside the ‘Custom CSS’ field.




2. css/custom.css

Paste the code into the custom.css file. The only difference to point 1. is that you can edit it in your favorite css editor.

3. Add to Post

This option should only be used if you have a css class only for one or two posts. This output won’t be cached!


2) Custom PHP

If you have functions you wish to add to the theme, do not paste them in the functions.php. Put them in “myFunctions.php”. This file is included in functions.php at the very bottom to make sure your options override ours.



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