Creating an event (Video)

Setting up the Event

Make sure you set up the event completely. If you have activated paypal, you will HAVE TO insert following data

  1. Price
    If the event is free, enter a 0 in the field and paypal will be disabled.
  2. Currency
    Don’t make a mistake here. Its the currency that will be used by paypal. 15 yen and 15 us dollar are a huge difference 😉
    These are the only currencies supported by paypal’s express checkout. If you need a different currency I am afraid you will have to implement another payment type. (you can hire us 😉
  3. Slots
    You probably want to limit the number of tickets to sell. Enter here the number and the theme will pay attention that not more tickets than available will be sold.
    If you have access to a football stadium or something, you can set the slot count to unlimited by inserting a 0.
  4. Button Text
    If its a free event, you might want to change the text to something else than “Buy Ticket”.
  5. Event Registration Start / End / Event Date
    Don’t forget to set up these. And the event date should be after the registration end. Not before. Be logic 🙂
  6. Fill out the rest of the fields as you please.

Event Access Codes

If an user registers to your event, he will get an event access code. You can get a list of the codes when you take a look at your backend or are trying to print the list. We improved the layout in this version, btw.


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