Create the contact page

Create a new page and call it “Contact“. Chose the Contact-Template from the dropdown to the right.

In order to create the boxes as we have them in the preview just copy paste this code:

<ul class="extra">
<li><i class="fa fa-envelope "></i> and</li>
<li><i class="fa fa-briefcase "></i>Chicago Office
134 Nice St.
12934 Chicago
<li><i class="fa fa-briefcase "></i>Sydney Office
86 Beautiful St.
9374 Sydney
<li><i class="fa fa-info-circle "></i>Please make sure to always point us to a mail address and phone number when getting in touch</li>

You can change the icons by going to just copy “Fa-iconname” and add it in the code.
Now make sure you have activated the Contact Form 7 plugin. On the plugins page you will find a link called “settings“ under the Contact Form 7 plugin. Click on settings and copy the shortcode provided to you (the format will be something like this: [contact-form-7 id="129" title="cform"]. Go to “Appereance-Theme Option-Contact“ and paste the code in the appropriate field. Also add a map description and address.