Change the logo

After installing the theme you can change the logo by going to “Appearance-Theme Options”. You will find the option “Logo” and “sticky menu logo“ That’s because Maxim works with two logos. The first is the one you can find on the top left. The second one is the one that will appear on the sticky menu when you scroll down.

In Gone – every page can have its own logo. Underneath the input field for the content of the page you will find a box called “Page Extra”. Upload a logo here to override the main logo for that page (“Page Extra” not showing? On the top right of the page – click “Screen Options” – check “Page Extras”)


If you need to modify the site’s logo position you would have to modify this css line that’s on styles.css at line 45. You could modify it there, or by adding the css rule to the CSS section of the theme options. This section code overrides any theme default code.

#logo { padding-top: 44px; }

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