Author subscription feature setup (Video)

The Author Subscription System is an exiting feature that will let you users sign up to their favorite authors to be kept in the loop, when they publish new articles. Usually, you have one newsletter for a blog. But think about it. Your authors are the rockstars of your blog. They should get the fame they deserve. Nothing better than a notification system to make sure your users read all of the posts!

1. Configuring the Users

The users can be configured in the Users Panel of the WordPress Admin Panel. When editing an user, make sure you fill out these default WordPress fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Biographical Info

Having a first and last name available gets the users nearer to the authors and gives the feeling they know who writes. The biographical info will be used for the Subscription Panels of the users.

Furthermore, there are some fileds we added.

  • Main Author Section
    This will be shown on the team page, as well as on the user’s main page tab and posts. Read more below
  • Author Profile Image (small)
    This image will be used for the user tab list and the posts.
  • Author Profile Image (big)
    This image will only be used on the team page. It should be 200x270px big.
  • Default Author Background Image
    This image will be the background image, when accessing the user’s main page tab.



2. The Main Page User Tabs

The Main Page User Tabs system is one of the keys of the Flix Theme. It grants easy access to filter the content by one of your authors. You can activate it in the Theme Configuration Panel in General -> Main Page. You can not only control the user tab here, but also change it to display a category tab menu, if you do not use the Author Subscription Feature. Read more here on Setting Up The  Main Page.




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