Activating Paypal

We have included paypal in this theme, so you can easily make it possible to take money for your events.

Activating paypal is really easy, but it has some requirements. Please make sure you have these necessary things before you continue:

  • A Paypal Business Account – a standard account is not supported!
  • You agree that we (the authors of the theme) do not take any warranty whatsoever on your business.

Ok, you have everything you need?

Fine, you need an API-Key now. You can get this in your paypal business account. Log in and go to profile -> more options.

Create new API credentials. You need those to connect your event page with paypal. There are solutions that don’t require API data, but those are insecure and unreliable.
You can choose between 2 options. In most cases, Option 2 is the right choice. If you are not sure, ask somebody who knows it. (No, we don’t :))


Copy the data from this overview into the backend. You will find the fields in Payment -> Paypal



You may have noticed the sandbox option. This is for testing your installation, if you want to make sure to get it set up correctly. You will need a paypal developer account, which is free and can be registered at We encourage you to do the longer process, but it will be worth it, because you can be sure everything works as expected.

You may have to read the manual, explaning how this works in this helpfile is not possible, as the documentation on paypal’s side may change.

There are some changes after you set up paypal.


  • Next to the buy button (sign up button) is a paypal button. You will have to leave it there. This is required from paypal.
  • If you buy an item, the transaction will be registered with paypal, the user signs in on paypal itself and then the user will be redirected to a last confirmation site. This is also required by paypal. You should not modify the functionality that the money is booked right after the user is logged in on paypal.

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