Create the contact page

Create a new page and call it “Contact“. Chose the Contact-Template from the dropdown to the right. In order to create the boxes as we have them in the preview just copy paste this code: <ul class=”extra”> <li><i class=”fa fa-envelope “></i> and</li> <li><i class=”fa fa-briefcase “></i>Chicago Office 134 Nice […]

Setting up the team, gallery, portfolio and clients pages

Go to pages and create a new one. Chose the appropriate template from the page attributes box on the side (Can’t see the box? Click on “Screen Options” on the top right and activate it.) You can chose between the Gallery, team, portfolio and clients template. Save your choice. Now […]

Setting up the blog

Create a page called “Blog“ and chose the “Blog” template from the page attributes box on the right side (can’t see that box? Click on “Screen Options” on the top right and activate it) . Under “Appereance-Theme Option-General“ you can chose the style of the blog page and the mouse […]

Setting up the menu (Video)

You can create a menu for 8W as you would do for any other theme. Go to “Appereance-Menus” and drag and drop the sites you want into the menu area. If you can not find a specific page make sure to check if the box that contains the site is displayed: […]

Change the logo

After installing the theme you can change the logo by going to “Appearance-Theme Options-General”. You will find the option “Logo” and “retina logo“ for mobile devices (make the logo twice as big for retina) There is also an option to left-aligne the logo “Appearance-Theme Options-General”   How to tweak the logo position […]

Setting up the homepage

After you installed the theme the frontpage will only show some blog posts. You have to tell WordPress that you want a certain page to be the homepage. First go to “Pages“ and create a new page. Call it “Home“ and chose the template “Home“ from the dropdown to the […]

Setting up the theme

With WordPress installed on your server you are ready to install the theme. To do so you have to upload it to the server and then activate it. You can do this one way or another. It’s up to you: 1. Through an FTP program: Upload the theme files into […]

Setting up the contact page

In NewsBook you can create custom contact forms. These forms are created using the free Contact Form 7 plugin.   Creating a new Form To create a new form, go to Contact -> Add New. Choose a language and proceed. You will presented with a pre filled form with the title “Untitled”. Click on […]

Post and Page styles

NewsBook allows for quiet a few cool style options for posts and pages, fro sidebar left and right to the size of the featured image. These options can be found in the box called “Style Options”, which is right below the editor where you put a page or post’s content. […]

Setting up a blog page

Setting up the blog page is quiet easy and you can have as many blogs as you want! Create a new page and call it whatever you want Chose the “Blog” template from the page attributes box on the right side. If you don’t see that box, click on “screen options” […]