Menu Setup

You can create a menu for Gone as you would do for any other theme. Go to “Appereance-Menus” and drag and drop the sites you want into the menu area. If you can not find a specific page make sure to check if the box that contains the site is […]

Change Logo

After installing the theme you can change the logo by going to “Appearance-Theme Options”. You will find the option “Site Logo” at the very top. In Gone – every page can have its own logo. Underneath the input field for the content of the page you will find a box […]

Homepage setup (Video)

After installing the theme you can change the basic setting by goin to “Apperance – Theme Options”. Here you can upload you own logo, change colors and add a footer text. Always make sure to save all changes. After you installed the theme the frontpage will only show some blog […]

Install the theme

With WordPress installed on your server you are ready to install the theme. To do so you have to upload it to the server and then activate it. You can do this one way or another. It’s up to you: 1. Through an FTP program: Upload the theme files into […]